Curriculum Statement – PSHE

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle

Powerful Knowledge in PSHE

It is every child’s right to be equipped with the powerful knowledge that will allow them to be respectful, enquiring, and active citizens who can form and evaluate their own opinions and the opinions of others.   To understand the world around us, and how we fit into that world, students must first develop an understanding of themselves. This will empower students to live happy and successful lives in Modern Britain.

The powerful knowledge imparted through the PSHE curriculum at CHHS includes:

  • Knowing when, how and who to ask for help
  • Understanding the law surrounding joint enterprise, the equality act and protected characteristics and how it works to protect individuals
  • Developing critical media literacy skills that allow students to challenge misinformation and disinformation
  • Empowering students to stand up for others as well as themselves
  • Understanding how they can look after their health, both physical and mental and the rights they have concerning their own bodies

Curriculum Features

PSHE covers Relationships, Sex and Health Education as set out in the 2020 Statutory Guidance. We meet the needs of our pupils through monitoring local and national data, and our curriculum is age appropriate based on this data.

PSHE at CHHS covers citizenship, health education, relationships/sex education and financial and careers education. These themes are revisited throughout each year in an age-appropriate manner allowing students to build upon their previous knowledge and work towards the goal of understanding what it means to be a happy and successful citizen in Modern Britain.

PSHE gives students the space to explore the diversity of the world, the people and the issues that surround them. Through debate, conversation and opinion formulating, students are given the opportunity to learn about and embody the British Values of democracy, respect and tolerance, rule of law and individual liberty.

In PSHE students are taught how to prepare for their futures.  They are also equipped with where and how they can find out more information about topics covered in PSHE through comprehensive signposting.

Co Curriculum Enrichment

The PSHE curriculum is complemented by regular assemblies, cornerstone form times, drop down sessions and special events. We work with fully vetted charities, organisations and agencies to provide a full programme of events that enhance learning that has taken place in PSHE.  We run electives that pupils can take part in for example the RISE club and PSHE ambassadors.