Students and Staff at Cheadle Hulme High School have been snapping some phenomenal shots for the annual Photography Calendar Competition.

We are excited to share that this year’s winners have been chosen!

An incredible 813 photographs were submitted for the calendar under the theme of ‘CONTRAST’.

There were many creative interpretations of the theme, from contrasting colours to the contrast between old and new.

After much deliberation, 12 finalists were selected…

…but first, let’s say well done to the 12 runners-up who made the shortlisted 24 photographs!

The runners-up will receive a photography badge and house points.

Here are the winning entries!

January – Harry Year 11

An eagle contrasts against a plain teal background

February – Mrs Pearson

A black and white photo of tall trees in a forest

March – Amber Year 7

A A brick wall and gate silhouetted against a sunset in the countryside

April – Matthew Year 13

A red telephone box that looks abandoned and surrounded by foliage. The red contrasts with the green of the leaves.

May – Harrison Year 10

A tree in the forest is silhouetted by the suns beams that radiate out from behind it.

June – Ms. Yates

The nose of an airplane foregrounds this shot with its wings spanning the lower third of the image. A plane can be seen in flight in the distant background. The background is made up of grey storm clouds.

July – Ryan Year 7

A bright orange ping-pong ball contrasts the light blue water as it floats in a swimming pool.

August – Dillon Year 8

An image of the sunset hitting the surface of a body of water. The sun silhouettes stones and hills in the image.

September – Jasmyn Year 7

An image taken from a park in a city. Autumnal trees in the foreground contrast the blues of the skyscrapers in the background and their reflections in a lake.

October – Evie Year 12

A close-up shot of red and orange autumnal leaves contrasted by a blue sky in the background

November – Sophie Year 13

A close-up of ballet shoes hanging from a bar in a dance studio. The image is full of blue, purple, and pink tones that appear to come from a light source within the room.

December – Jayden Year 9

A black and white image of a City Skyline with a body of water in the foreground.

And the overall winner is Matthew in Year 13 with this brilliant shot.

A red telephone box that looks abandoned and surrounded by foliage. The red contrasts with the green of the leaves.

The contrast of colours and the natural foliage against the deteriorating telephone box left the judges truly impressed!

All 12 winners will receive a free calendar, a photography badge and house points.

The calendars are available to buy now for £4 from ParentPay and will be ready to collect before Christmas.

The cost of the calendars goes towards printing and binding, any profits will be donated to our chosen charities.

Thank you to the students and staff who submitted their photos to this year’s competition!