The National Consortium for Languages Education (NCLE)

The Institute of Education, together with the Goethe-Institut and the British Council is leading the nationwide hubs programme funded by the DfE up to £14.9 million over the next three years to re-energise language learning in state-maintained primary and secondary schools in England.

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The NCLE vision

We believe that languages and intercultural agility can help to foster universal understanding and contribute to building a peaceful and harmonious world future.

We recognise that Global Britain needs more and better language skills. In our globalised economy, language skills and intercultural understanding add value and widen opportunities for individuals, communities and society.

To fulfil this potential, we must leverage the value of all our languages by providing high quality language teaching in schools to increase languages uptake at GCSE. We must better recognise and support the rich diversity of languages in addition to English, spoken by one in every five of our pupils. In addition, we intend to provide levelling up opportunities for disadvantaged pupils and address the performance of boys.

We believe in collaboration, creativity and collegiality. To build capacity in languages across the regions, we listen to teachers and pupils and develop core and bespoke training to meet their language learning needs.

We are committed to building progress through policy, principles, professional development and promotion. We uphold the recommendations and principles enshrined in Sir Ian Bauckham’s 2016 Modern Foreign Languages Pedagogy Review (MFLPR2016).

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