Curriculum Statement - Religious Studies

‘Difference is the essence of humanity. Difference is an accident of birth, and it should therefore never be the source of hatred or conflict. Therein lies a most fundamental principle of peace: respect for diversity.’ – John Hume

Powerful Knowledge in Religious Studies (RS)

  • An awareness that a knowledge of religion and culture are fundamental to a well-informed understanding of the past, present and future. Students gain the knowledge that religion, belief and culture are dominant human phenomenon.
  • Inspiring students to look beyond their own sphere of influence in order to open minds, reduce prejudiced views and limit narrow-minded behaviours.
  • Mindfulness of the reasoning behind individual choice. Knowing the deep-rooted reasons why people act in certain ways in particular situations.
  • Preparation for life in modern Britain via an enhanced tolerance and respect for the beliefs and values of others.
  • Pride in one’s own sense of self and a genuine broadmindedness and appreciation of others despite known differences.


Curriculum Features

RS fundamentally aims to open minds to diversity and improve tolerance and respect in a multi-faceted society. Our curriculum is first and foremost rooted in academically rigorous religious, philosophical, ethical and textual studies. We challenge students to think about topics of metaphysical investigation. Our sequences of learning experiences are intended to develop students both culturally as well as academically. Our curriculum reflects the very real nature of society as it stands today and this means that we have to expose students to often controversial topics. Our curriculum seeks to break down barriers of intolerance and positively challenge stereotypes which students may well be presented with both in the media and at home. Our curriculum takes into consideration that whilst we are unashamedly academic, we also want our students to be unashamedly kind, respectful, tolerant and accepting of diversity. We want students to leave school with more than knowledge; we want them to be open-minded and progressive in their thinking.


 Co-curriculum enrichment

The RS curriculum is supplemented by whole year group curriculum days. Enrichment also takes the form of extended form time activities, Philosophy Club, House Competitions and National Competitions. We aim to provide opportunities to learn about and participate in the religious festivals celebrated by the students and staff at our school. Furthermore, we welcome visitors from the six major world religions into school to engage in a ‘contact curriculum’ which in essence means that students are given the opportunity to engage with diversity in ‘real life’ rather than only learning about it within the margins of the classroom. Students are encouraged to attend additional support sessions at every point of their school journey and for those who are especially passionate about the subject we fully encourage participation as a subject ambassador. Students take responsibility for an annual Inter-Faith Week and a Pride in You Week.