Curriculum Statement - Media Studies

‘Digital natives are bombarded with vast volumes of information in today’s electronic society, which calls for an even greater emphasis on critical thinking and research skills’

– Timothy Van Slyke

Powerful Knowledge in Media Studies

Powerful knowledge in Media Studies starts from the understanding that everything presented in the Media is a construction. It is from this understanding that learners can analyse and produce Media products. Media Studies empowers students to become critical receivers of the Media and question what they are faced with.


Curriculum Features

Analysis of a wide range of Media products ranging from print productions such as magazines and adverts through to audio visual texts (music videos, TV drama). This analysis is explored through the theoretical framework which includes Media language, audience, representation and industry; students explore a wide range of Media. The practical component of the curriculum involves research, planning and production of a convincing Media product utilising appropriate conventions and using various software and practical equipment.


Co-curriculum Enrichment

  • KS3 Media club
  • KS4 and KS5 Media clinic (lunchtime workshops for practical media skills)
  • Equipment available for students to borrow for practical productions or for their own creative productions.
  • KS4 Media Harry Potter Studios Visit