Competition Winners

Leadership and Service Competition Winners

Emily 8SA, Isla 8MG, Katie 11AB, Liam 8AO and Ciara 9VL

As part of the Cornerstone Competition students were asked to write in 100 words or less, why they think the charities CHHS have donated to are essential at this time.CHHS donated £500 of money raised for the school charity fund to both Chelwood Food Bank Plus and Stockport and District Mind to assist those who need help at this time.

Culture, Creative and Rhetoric Competition Winners

Katie 8CV, Guillermo 7CP, Bethany 10SG, Georgia 8AO and Amirtha 8PR


As part of the Cornerstone Competition students were asked to design a mascot for their house. Students were asked to consider the colours of their house and how their mascot will embody the values of the house.

Culture, Creative and Rhetoric Competition Winners

3rd Place – Ed 9VL            2nd Place – Ben 9KS           1st Place – Tom 10LI

Electric Vehicles (EV) are the future of clean and sustainable travel. For the D&T competition we asked students to produce a design for a Laurus Trust EV charging point. Students needed to consider. materials, other functions for the charger and how to make it eco-friendly.



Loo Roll Art Competition Winners

George 7HS

Students were tasked with using their creative minds to transform a toilet roll tube into a response to their favourite film.



Recreate Artwork Competition Winners

Thea 8MG

Students had to take a photograph representing a piece of Spanish/French/German art or Using household items as props.



Sports Week Competition Winners

Ellie 8CV

Each day a new sports challenge was posted on CHHS Instagram/Twitter alongside a PE teacher’s attempt – students had to beat the teacher!



Musical Performance Competition Winners

Oliver 8SC

Students had to submit a musical performance no longer than 1 minute.



Photography Competition Winners

1st Place – Rachel 10SR               2nd Place – Maddie 7AW

Students and Staff were asked to create a 9 square grid of photographs they have taken under one theme.